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Good Deodorization

Heat Preservation and
Far Infrared Functions



Far Infrared Emission Rate & Specified Heating Source & Condition test
The adsorption capacity of water caltrop biochar charcoal is more than 80 times better than the bamboo charcoal.
After high temperature sintering above 1000℃, the carbon content is between 70% and 81%, with high specific area, The waste water caltrop shells were collected from farmers, and the collected waste water caltrop shells were exposed to the sun using the traditional sun method, and the carbonization operation could be carried out only after the sun was dried.

  • Taiwan's largest water caltrops producing area, also is Pheasant-tailed Jacana which is classed as a “rare and valuable” protected species in Taiwan. , the most stable habitats, through the combination of science and technology, the yarn and the development of the product, increase the income of local farmers, protect water pheasant habitat, open to purify the land circulation, and opens the new application mode in the textile field, recycling all the way, take care of people and land, an outstanding example of place, creation of circular economy.