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Faure is located in Taichung City, Taiwan, founded in 1995, specializing in fabric development.

For the past few years, we are committed to the development of a wide range of functional fabrics.
Today, we have developed more than 10,000 kinds of fabrics to meet the diverse needs of the current market; these fabrics can be used for footwear and apparel industry.

Faure is export-oriented, customers are located in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and India.
Faure = Fabric expert!
Faure understands current and future needs of customers and other interested parties. We specialize in fabric development and design; continuously exceed the expectations of our consumers by innovating new technologies.
Faure creates added value to our customers with our professional services, professional technologies, and professional products.
High Quality
From development and production to marketing and management, Faure develops and improves the capability of the organization. Our goal is nothing less than to provide our customers with the best quality textile.
Environmental Protection
The textile and footwear industries have a huge environmental footprint. At Faure, we truly believe that something is good for our earth is also good for your business. By using PET Polyester made from recycled bottles to produce our high quality textile, we are eager to make a sustainable product with a significantly reduced environmental footprint at a reasonable price.
Faure = Fabric expert!
Spurring Innovation = Business Growth.

Faure has abundant resources and know-how, with rich experience in working with big global brands.
Faure reveals true commitment to total customer satisfaction by offering world-class support.
Excellent service results in full customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide prompt and reliable service to all customers. Moreover, each of our customer’s needs are identified and analyzed to ensure continuous improvement of our service and products.
"Innovation, Professional, High Quality, Environmental Protection"; We always keep these in our mind.